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Description: A Book Club Local Coordinator is someone who agrees to be the “point person” for local meetups of the Renovaré Book Club during the 2017-18 Season (October–June).

If there is not yet a point person in your region, please do consider becoming one!

Coordinator Requirements:
1. A willingness to make your contact info (first name, email, and general region) available to any registered Book Club member.

2. A commitment to coordinate at least one in-person meeting of Book Club members for each month of the Book Club (October–June). (Meetings can be more frequent if desired.)    
3. A commitment to read all four books of the season, keep up with the assigned reading schedule, and be prepared to start the conversation at the meet-up. ·      

4. A commitment to communicate promptly and effectively with those in your group via email and/or the online Book Club forum.  

5. A commitment to keep the local meet-up open to any member of the Book Club.      

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